ProfileTailor™ Dynamics

Continuous Monitoring, Controls, and Segregation of Duties of SAP, Active Directory, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Unix, Linux, and  many other enterprise systems  

Our rapidly expanding customer base will testify that ProfileTailorâ„¢ Dynamics represents the fastest, least intrusive, and most cost effective security software for achieving significant reductions in risk and to becoming governance and audit compliant.

Ultra Fast Clean-up and Control of your Enterprise

Installed on-premise or in the cloud ProfileTailorâ„¢ Dynamics is up and running within 3 days as either an on-premise solution or a fully hosted cloud solution.

Out of the Box Segregation of Duties Compliance

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics is supplied ready to go with a full range of best practice Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Segregation of Duties (SoD) rulesets. From day one you will be receiving notifications and alerts of high risk and sensitive access, potential fraud, and Segregation of Duty violations. Our pre-built set of rules can be easily changed, tuned or added to according to your organizations requirements.

Continuous Monitoring of High Risk Events and Sensitive Access

ProfileTailor will continually monitor and record actual real-time activity of every SAP user and automatically alert you if an activity, or combination of activities, violates a rule. The additional system connectors, such as for HR systems, can detect and generate alerts for very specific activities, such as an employee updating their own HR record. Custom alerts can be easily created to enable you to define precise conditions to generate an alert.

GDPR Compliance

ProfileTailor can also provide crucial GDPR data breach detection and alerting. More details can be found here.

Detection of Data Theft, Fraudulent Activity and Potential Cyber Attack

ProfileTailor has some incredibly powerful features that allow you to target and detect explicit activity and behaviour to provide a powerful aid in detecting and alerting you to data theft, fraudulent activity and potential cyber attacks. Please read our dedicated article for more information. Read Article .

User Behaviour Profiling

ProfileTailor actually learns the behaviour of each one of your users; This intelligent user insight (behaviour profiling) is used to deliver a unique and easy to use set of tools (such as Role replacer) to enable rapid clean-up of users, roles, authorizations and SoD violations. Role re-engineering can be performed quickly based upon real user/department SAP activity - even down to authorization object and transaction keystrokes being used!

Automated Workflows / Employee Lifecycle Management

Common security processes such as password resets, emergency access, user provisioning, and authorization re certification can be completely automated using its powerful workflow engine, saving hours of security helpdesk time as well as providing full approval sign-off and auditing of all such activities. We have a page dedicated to automating and managing the employee lifecycle here.

Easy and Intuitive to Use

ProfileTailorâ„¢ Dynamics' modern web based user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Auditors and Managers will love how quickly reports can be created without having to ask the experts, whilst the security experts will be amazed at the detail of information available to them

Available as a Cloud Managed Service
Available On Premise