SAP Business Process Automation (SAP BPA / SAP CPS)

SAP Background Scheduling Expertise and Implementation

Grey Monarch are the only accredited SAP Service Partner dedicated to SAP Background Process Automation, with particular expertise in installing, configuring, managing and providing training for SAP's own scheduling system - SAP Business Process Automation (SAP BPA), previously known as Central Process Scheduling by Redwood (SAP CPS).

Best Practice Implementation

Our focus has always been on best practice, quality, and ensuring that we deliver a robust and reliable SAP job scheduling environment to our clients. Our consultants have been integral to many successful SAP related (and Non-SAP) Enterprise Scheduler implementations, ranging from the smallest to the very largest and most complex.

Fast Track Implementation of SAP BPA

We have also developed a rapid deployment service to get you up and running on SAP BPA as quickly as possible. We can also include our home grown "SAP BPA Essentials" training package to ensure that your team can run and support your SAP BPA environment.

SAP BPA Managed Service

We provide a SAP BPA Managed Service to a number of our customers with 24x7 support, looking after thier whole environment from scheduling new business processes and workloads to providing business as usual support.

Extensive Knowledge of SAP Business Processing

Knowledge of a Workload Automation System is never enough to guarantee a successful implementation project. Setting us apart is our unique underlying expertise in automating SAP Business Processes. Regardless of whether you are using SAP BPA (CPS), Automic, Redwood Cronacle, BMC Control-M, IBM Tivoli, Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (Opswise) or SAP's own built-in basic scheduler (SM36/SM37), we can help you to optimize your batch scheduling to the max.

SAP Active Quality Management

All of our projects adhere to SAP's Active Quality Management Programme (AQM) to ensure that, from start to finish, our projects are delivered to the very highest standards. Our continual high levels of high quality delivery have earned us and allow us to retain SAP's AQM Accreditation

We Can Deliver

Fast Track Implementation (Rapid Deployment Solution) of SAP BPA

Best Practice Implementation and Planning Workshop

SAP Scheduling Project Management, Implementation and ongoing support

A fully managed outsourced service for all of your SAP scheduling and automation

Training and Education

Trouble Shooting and Optimizing your SAP Background Workload

Offsite Development, bespoke modules and scripts

Runbook Automation

Scheduler Replacement / Migration Projects

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