ProfileTailor™ Self Service Password Reset for SAP

On-Premise or Cloud based SAP Self Service Password Reset Facility

SAP password reset requests can be all too frequent, and not only do they lock out your staff from performing their job, the requests take up valuable time from your helpdesk or security staff.

Gartner estimate that up to 40% of helpdesk time is spent resetting passwords or unlocking accounts at a typical cost of between $18-$50 a time (Source: Gartner G00258742).

Highly Secure yet Elegantly Simple

Our highly secure on-premise or cloud based password reset service can automate the whole process for you. A tiny agent installed within your environment ensures that no user data whatsoever is ever passed outside your organization. Your users are provided with a unique URL (which can be incorporated into your Intranet) from where they can request a password reset. Our cloud based service then simply communicates with the tiny agent to confirm credentials and, if confirmed, generate an SAP password reset according to your password generation rules.

Advanced Workflow for accounts locked by the Administrator

If our service detects that the user was locked by an Administrator (as opposed to too many failed login attempts) then the workflow can direct an automated eMail to your helpdesk to separately approve the request or to manually process it.

Typical Implementation Time of less than 1 day

Our solution requires no changes to SAP. The tiny agent which is installed on any MS machine within your environment simply requires an RFC connection to each SAP system (or CUA) on which you want to provide the reset service.

2 Minute Overview Video

Key Benefits

Fully automated self-service password reset for SAP

Highly Secure - our locally installed tiny agent ensures that no user credentials ever leave your environment

Cloud or on-premise

Supports multi-factor authentication including SMS One Time Passwords

Processes can include 'smart-steps' and customization

Full audit trail reports of all password resets

Available as a Cloud Managed Service
Available On Premise