ProfileTailor™ Dynamics for Local Government Authorities

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Around the clock data access monitoring

Whilst Data Security is critical within every organisation, Local Government Authorities have a unique set of circumstances that require advanced monitoring to ensure that the highly sensitive data they hold is properly protected from misuse, inappropriate access, copying and fraud.

We have been working with LGAs for a number of years which has given us particular insight into the types of concerns and issues that they have with data access, activity monitoring and alerting. Common concerns are;

  • Who has access to my systems and data? For instance, who can see our sensitive HR and Payroll data? What data have our employees been looking at or modifying? Is it within their job remit? Have any copies been taken of it? Is their access compliant with GDPR regulations?
  • What real-time activities are they performing within our systems? Are staff updating their own HR records? Are ‘superuser’ support accounts being used to copy or export the personal data of our employees or council inhabitants?
  • What activities are our 3rd party IT Partners doing within our systems? Are their accounts being sufficiently monitored and audited?
  • Is there any system access occurring outside of our organisation? – perhaps from unknown IP addresses, or at strange times of the week/day?
  • How can we automate our Joiner, Mover, Leaver processes to provide quick and easy on-boarding, dynamic employee access reviews as people changes roles, and a certainty that access to all systems is closed off when employees or contractors leave the employ of the council?
  • How can we always be Audit Compliant? Can we demonstrate excellent governance of the data we hold and processes we perform in a more cost effective and efficient way?

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics delivers around the clock risk prevention, detection, governance, audit and control for your SAP systems and many other non-SAP systems, such as Active Directory. Straight out of the box the solution will check for over 1,000 potential risks and threats such as users executing high risk transactions, accessing sensitive data or violating segregation of duty rules.

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics goes beyond other governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions by learning the actual behaviour of each individual user account right down to the functional keystrokes that they use within transactions - essentially learning their digital DNA.

This ability is used to create incredibly powerful ‘behaviour profiles’ that allow you to rapidly cleanse user authorisations, roles, and Segregation of Duties issues based upon direct comparisons between what users can do and what they actually do do.

The same behaviour profile knowledge is used to detect unusual or undesirable behaviour; such as users logging into SAP from an unusual IP address – or perhaps they have tried to access or download some Local Authority sensitive information, or update their own employee details.

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics includes a powerful cross-platform workflow engine along with pre-built workflow templates to automate daily activities such as Joiner, Mover, Leaver processes, process controls, self-service password reset, and emergency access or user access/authorisation recertification.

ProfileTailor™ Dynamics is already Government G-Cloud Certified so it can be procured directly from the Digital Marketplace using a pre-approved licence agreement and specially discounted Local Authority pricing structure.

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