Protect4S - Automated SAP Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Due to increasing cybersecurity threats and increasing pressure from regulatory audits, more demands are placed on the security of SAP systems. Therefore an SAP Platform Security solution is needed to harden business-critical SAP systems on a continuous basis.

SAP certified for S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver, with Protect4S your SAP systems and relevant layers of Operating System and Database are automatically scanned for known vulnerabilities and security checks (approx 1,800) at any desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).

By using Protect4S you provide your organisation with detailed information about the risks identified, the potential impact and importantly the time, steps and actions required to mitigate any identified vulnerability before it can be exploited.

Protect4S automates SAP vulnerability management processes, including patch management, and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, task lists and reports.

SAP itself, and other providers, offer SAP Security solutions that are often very complex, expensive, and not very user-friendly. With Protect4S, we offer an SAP Certified solution that largely automates the complicated SAP Security processes and makes manual operations very simple.

SAP Certified and Installed within just 1 Day

    Connection Map

    How secure are the connections between my SAP systems? How secure is my RFC Gateway? Connection Map gives insight into any security risks found in your SAP connections.

    1,800 Vulnerabilities checked, analysed and prioritsed for risk and mitigation effort into a heat-map

    SAP Patch Management - Automated implementation of SAP Security Notes

    Audited History of Outcomes and Progress Reports

    • Manual SAP Security processes are automated
    • Complex activities are made easier by information pointers and dashboards
    • Less dependence on expensive projects or consultancy
    • Always up-to-date with SAP Security notes
    • Better insight into risks, mitigation and trends
    • Clear and understandable management reports for CISO and SAP Security Officer
    • From reactive and ad hoc to preventive and continuous protection
    • Be better prepared for annual audits
    • A clear mitigation plan with task assignments
    • If desired, an integration with your SIEM solution

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