SAP Licence Optimization One-Off Packaged Service

License Optimization and Prepare for Audit in as little as 5 days

We understand full well that an SAP Licence Audit can be a fraught and time consuming process.

For such times, we have developed a one-off packaged service to do all of the work for you and take away the entire pain of optimizing your user licence classifications and ensuring that you have all of the detailed reports necessary for your audit process. This includes both named user licences and SAP Engine licence.

Entirely non-Intrusive Process

The process is both fast and non-intrusive We will provide you with a data collector client that simply requires an RFC userid to be set up to pull all of the relevant user activity data from your SAP systems.

The data packages that the client creates can be transferred to us and we will upload them into a hosted ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor system ready for our analysis and optimization

Indirect Access Licensing

LicenceAuditor can also help to determine potential Indirect Access Licence exposure owing to the connection of 3rd party systems into your SAP landscape. Such system connectivity and usage could be highly costly if not correctly identified and managed.

Optimization Results

After receiving some details about your licence agreement, we will;

  • Detect and Remove all duplicate and dormant user licences across all systems
  • Identify underused licences
  • Reclassify active user licences to the minimum licence classification they require to perform their job
  • Provide summary reports and detailed user-by-user reports to show clearly why each user has been reclassified according to a certain licence type
  • Provide SAP Engine licence usage versus your licence agreement limits
  • Identify potential Indirect Access Licence Exposure
  • Provide you with subsequent access to the LicenseAuditor intuitive web based interface in order for you to create your own reports and do some of your own additional analysis - such as 'Licence Usage by Department'

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Key Benefits

After just some basic information from you, we will do all of the work!

Fast optimization of your SAP user licences

Can determine usage and optimimum classification of Named User Licences, Engine Licences and potential Indirect Access Licence exposure

Quick and Easy production of detailed licence usage reports

Installed externally to SAP, we require no changes to your SAP systems