Universal Automation Center for IFS ERP

Streamline, Visualize and Fully Automate your IFS ERP Background (Batch) Job Scheduling

Like most ERP systems, IFS comes with it's own built-in background (batch) capability to execute regularly required tasks in the background - such as your overnight processing. As with many built-in scheduling systems some common limitations can start to appear such as;

  • Long running overnight processing caused by sequential processing which introduces latency between tasks
  • An inability to orchestrate processes and dependencies across multiple systems and applications - For example, between IFS tasks and other application or operating system tasks
  • A lack of end-to-end visualization of your background processing: What tasks are currently running? What tasks are running late/will run late? What tasks have failed or are waiting? What is the status of my file transfers? What will be the impact that one issue will have on other 'down-stream' processes?
  • Too much time spent recovering from batch job scheduling issues
  • No dynamic processing - for example being able to start processes automatically upon the detection of a new or updated file
  • Limited auditing capabilities

Opswise Universal Automation Center (UAC) from Stonebranch is the only enterprise class scheduling and workload automation solution that appears as a "Visionary" product within the Gartner Magic Quadrant. A modern, efficient Automation solution to drive immediate business processing manageable from any web-enabled device.

Visual Web Interface

The UAC user interface has been developed with an intuitive design that leverages the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The system is accessible anywhere using most popular browsers whether they be desktop, tablet or mobile. One hundred percent of user and administrative functions can be performed via the web interface. There are no obscure command lines to learn or unwieldy desktop installs to perform.

Define Business Processes via a Graphical Drag-and-Drop Workflow

A central component of UAC is the integrated drag-and-drop workflow definition tool. This feature allows you to define workflows that closely model your business processes. While working within the workflow module, you can import existing task definitions or create new tasks on the fly. You can develop simple or complex workflows and zoom in or out to view the details or overview as required. When the workflow kicks off, you can monitor its activity in a table view or graphically or both. You can create your own activity displays, specifying which activity you want selected and what details should be included. Like the workflow itself, the activity display is completely customizable.

Dashboards, Reporting, and Customizations

The UAC user interface gives you the flexibility to define custom dashboards for each user. Dashboards are composed of user-defined graphical widgets that display real-time views of a particular running workload. For reporting, Universal Controller™ provides a built-in report generator. Reports can be output as lists, pie charts, or bar charts; exported as PDF, Excel, or XML-formatted files; and can be shown as a widget on any dashboard.

Universal Agents

UAC Agents can execute and monitor workload across IFS ERP, Windows, Unix, Linux, SAP, z/OS, iSeries, Tandem and many more operating systems and applications. Furthermore, the Agents are 100% universal meaning that any scheduling system (such as Tivoli, BMC, Automic etc.) can use them to create an extremely versatile and cost effective distributed scheduling environment.

Cloud Enabled - Platform as a Service

Universal Automation Center can be deployed as a private Platform as a Service within a fully certified ISO27001 environment if you do not wish to have to provision hardware and manage the environment internally. This option also gives you a scalable cost structure whereby you only ever pay for what you use

Key Benefits

Unprecedented efficiency and speed of processing of your IFS ERP batch job schedules

Complete interoperability of dependant processes between IFS and other platforms and applications

Significant reduction in outages with fast process restarts

End-to-End processing views

Robust and reliable background processing with immediate notifications when things have gone wrong or when things look like they might go wrong (e.g. processes running late)

Incredible ease-of-use, including a Video Classroom for self-paced learning

The ability to securely and automatically transfer and exchange files both internally and externally to your partners within business processes. Processes can also be triggered to start automatically upon the detection of new or updated files

Automatic Versioning on all definition changes

Effective Lifecycle Management from Dev --> Test --> Production

Available as a Cloud Managed Service
Available On Premise