CLEO Harmony

Partner Trading and Enterprise Data Integration

Many companies today have a number of B2B and A2A integration processes that have become difficult to maintain, especially as many have become 'cobbled together' using a variety of tools and interfaces.

Companies looking to future-proof their infrastructure while supporting business growth need tools that help them manage, govern, secure, and report on the data moving within and between systems both inside and outside the enterprise.

If you are in this situation and are looking to implement an enterprise class partner trading and data integration gateway then the good news is that the solution doesn't have to be complicated.

With Cleo Harmony, you get an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, scalable enterprise software solution that allows you to consolidate and streamline all of your company's data integration processes while growing your connections and business.

Fastest Implementation of any product in it's class

Cleo Harmony is designed to be extraordinarily easy to install and use. It also does not require extensive services to make it work, as so often required by other solutions. Flexible integration options and the largest library of pre-configured partner connections make onboarding of new partners faster than any other solution.

Widest array of supported, secure communication protocols

Cleo Harmony is supplied with the widest array of protocols all built natively by Cleo, making them much easier to use than other market alternatives. Cleo are the industry leader in the innovation of new protocols and are Drummond certified, tested, and proven.

Use dashboards to monitor, view, and act on data

Gain visibility into both the IT and business view of data including the ability to provide alerting based on business rules. Monitor and react using business and IT-oriented tracking capabilities, such as trading partner scorecards, SLA, and KPI reports. Manage data end-to-end, plus view and act on that data to empower your business.

Highly available and reliable to support your goal of 100% uptime

Cleo Harmony is incredibly reliable even when supporting thousands of connections. Built-in high availability and load balancing ensure that the system is always on".

Full-featured certificate management

View and manage all your certificates directly from within the product. Easily exchange certificates with your trading partners and automatically notify them of expiring certificates. New certificates can be scheduled to automatically migrate so that there is never any downtime or manually processes involved when certificates expire.

Governance and security

Govern your secure data integration to handle your internal and external compliance needs. Obtain detailed audit reports of all data movement activity. Add secure connections easily and safely without modifying your firewall.

Key Benefits

Fast On-boarding of new business partners and new file movement requirements

Automatic Certificate Management

Support for the widest range of transfer protocols and security protocols in the industry

Centralized management, control and visibility of all partner data trading

Highly reliable and scalable

Detailed levels of governance and audit